KK Črn trn

KK Črn Trn (black thorn) is a cycling club that has had several top competitors throughout its history who were taking top spots at home races, European DH and 4X championships and were regularly achieving points in world cups. Among other things, this is the mother club of Mitja Ergaver, the only slovenian MTB competitor who has a rainbow shirt of the world champion. They are also responsible for the “growth” of two fastest Slovenian girls, who have repeatedly raised the milestones of Slovenian achievements on a global scale in downhill in recent years. Now they are focusing also on cycling school, which is growing fast and a lot of children who are trained under their coaches are already achieving good results in various disciplines. Into the new season they are entering with an updated team whose leader will be Luka Berginc and will in addition of promising Naja include a lot of perspective young guns who will be gathering new experiences.


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