ŠKTD Avče Cycling Club, also known as the “Fire Brigade from Avče” on the Slovenian scene, was established in 2004. They organised one of the most successful races in the SLO DH Cup at that time – DH Avče. The race was a part of SLO downhill calendar for 10 years straight and was in the first few years known by extremely bad weather and extreme driving conditions.

Through all these years, the team, which initially counted 5 members (Peter Levpušček, Miha Jakopič, Emanuel Humar and Tadej Humar), successfully competed in the SLO races, in particular Tadej humar who occupied the very top. In the “newer” history of the club the most promiment racers were Marko Niemiz, currently a member of the SINTER brakes club, Miha Ivančič and always fast veteran Gašper Jereb. Miha Jakopič, who is now an indispensable member of the Slovenian national team and the RAJD team from Ljubljana, has focused on coaching. In the last couple of years, the team also started competing in Enduro in which their main racer is Jan Markič, . They also plan to arrange a cycling polygon / skill park somewhere in the Kanal county, which would bring this sport closer to the younger generation in their area.