So far two confirmed dates in 2020 UDC series

Two races to be held in August, two more standing by for confirmation. Races will be held as single day events with reduced entry fee.

The pandemic has turned our downhill race series up side down as well. We have been looking forward to a five race series. We currently have two events confirmed on new dates:

  • August 2 – Soriška planina (Slo)
  • August 9 – Maribor (Slo, National Championships)

Two more events are yet to be confirmed:

  • Tršće (Cro)
  • Cerkno (Slo)

The race in Idrija has been cancelled.

As agreed in meeting with organizers the races will be held as single day events on Sunday with chance of training on Saturday to reduce the organization costs. The entry fee will be lowered to 35 € per event.

The anti-coronavirus measures are moving in the right direction for our events as well as events for up to 500 people (including athletes, staff, organizers…) will be permitted from Monday June 15.