This weekend downhill racing returns to Zagreb and Sljeme

Unior Downhill Cup started in Croatia this year with a race near Split on Dalmatian coast, then continued with two rounds in Slovenia at Soriška planina and Kope. This weekend it is coming back to Croatia for the final round on Zagreb’s Sljeme mountain.

The original venue for the final round should have been Bike park Tršće in Gorski kotar but in the end the promoter Nino Ružička, a Croatian downhill veteran, found another venue.

So the 30 year tradition of downhill racing on Sljeme is continued after a long break. At the same time this is a new start gor gravity riding on Sljeme since a new gondola has been built. A city of almost 1 million people and a 800 m hill over it… You do the math! The race is organized by club called Bike park Sljeme.

Most possibilities for park development are probably on the southern face towards the city where the gondola is situated. That is where the first races were held in the nineties. The 2022 Downhill Sljeme will be held on the Northern side though, where the later races were held. The ski slope and Alpine Ski World Cup slalom races are also held here.

The downhill course is 1900 m long with a drop of 270 vertical meters. It uses sections of the old course but lots of sections are newly built for this race. Celine Gros and David Vazquez won the Maxxis Cup race here in 2003 and the last race was held here in 2004, the Olympus Downhill UCI C1 race.

The chairlift will not be running for this occasion but the shuttles will take only about 15 minutes. The team and spectator parking as well as the race office and award ceremonies are situated on top close to the start.

The course will be marked on Saturday. On Sunday the training takes place from 9 am to 1 pm. The seeding run start at 1.30 and the final run at 3 pm. The award presentation in planed for 6 pm.

Registrations close Thursday night.

Go here for propositions and registration.

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