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This is an example of good cooperation between the two entities from neighboring countries – Croatia and Slovenia. Organizers did three (3) DOWNHILL LOŠINJ UCI Class 1 events in years 2013, 2014 and 2016 in Veli Lošinj as well as MERCEDES BENZ UCI MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD CUP in 2018. The track starts with sprint at the top of the hill Sv. Ivan (St. John) at 256m, and continues on gravel terrain beside the main road. There were a couple of big jumps (10m) added for the world cup race. After this fast section track turns right on the mountain path on the slopes of the Kalvarija hill. This part of the track starts with rough rocky part with mild incline, but soon continues with steeper section. There are several turns and also some small jumps in the pine tree forest. The surface is mostly rocky or mixture of rocks and dirt. The track then comes to the middle part where it leaves the mountain path and rocky surface and enters the forest park ‘’Podjavori” – the former winter residence of the Habsburg Archduke Charles Stephen. There are several fast turns, berms and compressions. After this section the track crosses the wall (NEW jump/drop) and then crosses the main road, where the last part of the track begins with a jump into the narrow street and then continues towards the finish in the centre of the town Veli Lošinj at 0m. The track is 1.600 meters long and it is estimated to be around the 2 min 20 sec mark for the fastest downhill racers in the world.

The venue is located in VELI LOŠINJ, a medieval town with 1.000 inhabitants. Bigger town MALI LOŠINJ (8.000 inhabitants) is located 3km NW and connected with a regional road. Veli Lošinj is situated in a small narrow sheltered bay on the southeast side of Lošinj island at the foot of St. John’s hill. Several luxurious villas with beautiful gardens create a picturesque backdrop for this pretty town. The track starts at the top of the St. John (Sveti Ivan) hill above Veli Lošinj, and finishes right by the sea in the center of town.


Video from last year’s World Cup race:




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